Forex and Binary Options Books

A selection of these books, that is, the information that they contain, will help you better understand FOREX and, over time, understand its complexity, while developing your trading abilities. We intentionally did not add links to download these materials, since we believe that inserting the title of the book and its author into the search engine window will not be difficult for you. )) The main thing is to get valuable information in time, is not it? Well, good luck!



A. Kulikov – Forex for Beginners
(From the point of view of modern trading in the Forex market)

V. Safonov – Currency dealing or How to earn money honestly and independently
(The book serves as an excellent introduction to the FOREX market for beginners)

V. Maksimov – The Basics of the Success of Currency Speculation
(About everything related to the FOREX market. Recommended for a quick start, without delving into all the difficulties and subtleties)

E. Lefebvre – Memoirs of a stock market speculator
(A story about the life of Jesse Livermore – one of the outstanding traders. The book contains a lot of important and useful information about the world of financial speculation)

R. Fathullin, I. Morozov – Forex. From simple to complex
(The book tells about the emergence of the Forex market, its formation and structure)

V. Sperandeo – Trader Vic II – Principles of Professional Speculation
(Original presentation on the non-standard trading methodology of a successful trader Vick. Read in one breath and contains a lot of useful information)

K. Luka – Trade in world currency markets
(A useful thing for both beginners and experienced traders)



A. Kiyanitsa – Fundamental Analysis of Financial Markets
(The book is adapted to the modern FOREX market)

F. Mahlup – Exchange Rate Theory
(On the basic concepts of the fundamental component of the movement of currencies)



M. Kahn – Technical Analysis
(The book discusses the basic concepts and principles of technical analysis)

A. Erlich – Technical Analysis of Commodity and Financial Markets
(One of the most comprehensive books on technical analysis of financial markets)

J. J. Murphy – Technical Analysis of Futures Markets
(Base for all financial instruments)

L. Williams – The Long-Term Secrets of Short-Term Trading
(The allowance for short-term trading in the financial markets)

S. Borychuk – Synopsis of the novice trader
(The book covers all areas of technical analysis)

S. Neeson – Japanese Candles: A Graphic Analysis of Financial Markets
(Guidance on the application of this unique and effective method)



S. Bernukhov – Effective Trader
(The book is about how to successfully trade on FOREX, using your strengths, guided by common sense)

L. Tweed – Psychology of Finance
(This is about where the phenomenon of market psychology comes from and how to figure it all out)

T. Oberlechner – Forex Market Psychology
(On the crucial role of psychology in decision-making by a currency trader)



W.K. Tharp and B. June – Intraday Trading
(A truly fundamental work on risk management)

C. Grant – Risk Management in Trading
(What is the essence of the risk management strategy? The book is rightfully considered to be the basic one in the field of risk management and is suitable for both traders and investors)

F. Knight – Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit
(On economic risks in the world of finance, their causes and how to avoid the many problems generated by uncertainty)



R. Fisher – Fibonacci Sequence
(How to correctly calculate and apply Fibonacci levels)

J. Bollinger – Bollinger on Bollinger Bands
(The book was written by the creator of one of the most popular market indicators)

R. Balan – The Elliott Wave Principle – Forex Market Application
(On the competent use of Elliott waves in the Forex market)