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Attention! These traders give signals in Russian, but all important information, namely the currency pair, time and direction (EUR/USD 1-60 minutes up or down) is understandable for everyone

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So, if you have already entered my private Telegram chat, then you are in luck, you have found yourself in the best collective of successful traders!

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How do we start work?

  1. Copying signals in the Telegram chat daily from 11:00 to 21:00 Moscow time
  2. Before starting, you must have a broker open on a PC, tablet, or smartphone (The last 2 options are via the broker’s mobile website)
  3. Follow my recommendations clearly and do not hesitate.
  4. Expiration time for all signals M5-15 (5-15 minutes)
  5. My channel notifications must be turned on.


  1. We all trade on only one broker, Pocket Option
  2. All participants from the chat are my partners
  3. Since everything is free, ENTER the chat only after registering with the broker using this link if you already had an account, you can delete it and make a new one.
  4. All partners receive CASH BECKS, recommendations, etc.
  5. After registration, you need to send your account ID for verification
  6. You are waiting for my approval and you are in our private.

Instructions for copying transactions

So you have registered and now the first thing you need to do is select “Quick Trade”, just click on “Trade” at the top left, and then “Quick Trade”, who trades from a smartphone, trade through the broker’s mobile site, not through the application

2. Here we select a currency pair

3. Here we choose the time

4. I always give advance notice before starting trading ( Hello everyone! start searching )

5. I give the signal in an understandable format

CHF/JPY – currency pair. Вниз – Down – the direction where we set. 15 minutes – the time for which we open a deal

6. After you see this message, you must instantly go to the broker and press the red “Down” button

7. That’s it, you entered according to my forecast, but you don’t need to relax, right after entering the deals, we immediately enter the doubled amount of the deal, so that if anything, put an insurance deal. If I write to the chat:

This means that you need to quickly place a double transaction amount for the same currency pair. We all use a maximum of 2 insurance deals. If they do not pass, then we start again with the minimum. For the minimum deal no more than 5% of the bank. The passability of my forecasts reaches up to 90% per day, but there are also negative series. I only use rigorous technical analysis that is used by millions of traders around the world.

I wrote it in the most detailed and simple way, I think any teapot will figure it out. See you in private!